Yosemite Vacation Hike

Yosemite Hike
With an Enterprise rented Dodge Caravan, 6 excited Souls all so ready to go!
Day 1.  Nov-10, 2018

Preparing for this Yosemite trip, after 31 years, can be tasking. We packed 4 days of clothes and 1 week supply of food and water. Wishing, Wyhnna, 503, 113, Matt-Matt and John-John, 6 high-spirited souls, rode the rented White Caravan – departing at 9:00am from Arcadia. Marvin, Wilma, Lauren and Ashlyn travelled from San Diego to join us for this long awaited mini-vacation. It took us around 10 hours drive, including stops to answer the call of nature and for lunch, from Arcadia to Yosemite.

Yosemite HikeOnce on the road, I suggested that we stop at the Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant for lunch not knowing that we actually had to drive the opposite direction to our destination. Although only 30 miles was added to the direct route from Arcadia to Yosemite, an hour was added to the total trip time. The lunch at Harris made me very guilty. The saving grace was that the food was so good (and at a reasonable price) that everybody was energized and was more excited to move on – Yosemite, here we come!!!


It was already past sunset when we entered Yosemite and it was already dark by the time we arrived at our destination around 6pm. The Yosemite Summit and the Little Summit at 7277 Yosemite Park Way, is a 2-level duplex vacation house. The Yosemite Summit, which can accommodate 8 people, has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen, dining room and a large living room with a nice warm fireplace! The Little Summit, which can accommodate 6 people, has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a kitchen, dining room and a living room. Except for the non-existence of Wifi and cell phone signal, the vacation house is perfect! I guess having no internet forced us to focus more on enjoying the nature that God created rather than the digital. The absence of any signal also allowed more opportunity for family time.

Day 2.  Nov-11, 2018

Little did we know that after a good, warm and relaxing sleep, we are to face our  great hiking challenge!  At past 10:00am, after a full breakfast of bacon, fried eggs, white rice all courtesy of our volunteer cooks– Wilma, Wishing, Wyhnna and Rene. We boarded the vans fully charged.

We first visited the Bridalveil Fall, that was easy, a little hill but easy. It must have took us almost an hour. We then proceeded to the Yosemite Village for lunch. Our vans were parked at the L2 open parking space.  After lunch we proceeded to the Yosemite Majestic Hotel to drop off Wilma, who needed a good rest at the Majestic Lobby :). This hotel is indeed a majestic grand hotel!

After lunch, we boarded the Yosemite Shuttle for the Vernal Fall, this hike took us more than 2 hours, up and down – up and down. It felt like a never ending hike. The 1.5 mile hike was like forever!  By around 2:30pm, we started hiking to the MirrorLake (4,094 ft).  It was easier, but nevertheless a long long hike. It’s a pity to arrive at the location to see the dried lake.   It would have been an awesome sight. The lake floor was sandy, just like the ocean sands, amazing how nature can produce sands at 4,000 ft above sea level!  Before 5:00pm, the hike down was easy, but dark.  We were all relieved to see the shuttle waiting for us. 

Yosemite Hike
Mirrorlake 2016 & 2018
Lost and Found

By 6:30pm, we were back at the Yosemite Majestic Hotel, where we meet Wilma and headed to the Yosemite Village parking.  With everyone 99% discharged, we pulled ourselves through the very dark parking area.  Now, that walk toward the parking was the final hurdle for the day. We circled around the huge, dark, cold parking area looking for our van. That must have been more than a mile in the cold. ๐Ÿ™‚  All in all, for the day, my pedometer says I took 24,227 steps or 11.50 miles!   That’s a lot for a tiring 60-year old!

Day 3.  Nov-12, 2018

We prepared ourselves for another great hiking day! Heavy breakfast of fried eggs, white rice, leftover beef and leftover fries, and Marvin/WIlma’s style home style spaghetti.  We departed at 9:00am.  Made 30 minutes picture stop at Washburn Point, with a nice view of the other side of the Half Dome (8,836 ft).

We next proceeded to view the Glacier Point (7,214 ft.)  The commanding view overlooking the Yosemite Valley, the Half Dome, and the Yosemite Falls! We spent more than 1 hour taking lots and lots of pictures. 

We next headed to the Mariposa Grove, home of the Giant Sequoias! This grove said to be the home to 500 mature Sequoias.   We had a short hike that took as to the “Fallen Monarch”, and finally to the “California Sequioa Tunnel.”  A few minutes more had us face to face with the 1,600 year old Grizzly Giant Sequoia!

From the Mariposa Grove, our final destination is the Half Doom Village via the provided free shuttle service.  A visit to the store to have National Park Passport stamped before heading home at past 2:30pm.

Along the way, around 3:30pm, we reached Oakhurst, a beautiful small town of 2,800 people. We made a quick stop-over at the prominent McDonalds store. Bought late-lunch To-Go. Thanks to Wilma for buying lunch. Interestingly though, this was not the McDonalds we expected. The service was badder than bad. Imagine an order of 4 french fries DUMP together into a brown bag?  Hmmm, I googled to see very very poor feedbacks for the store. Oh well, never judge a beautiful book cover. ๐Ÿ™‚

Home Sweet Home

With Uncle Wishing still driving all of the 750+ miles, we arrived Arcadia a little past 8:00pm. All exhausted, and the thought my dear brother and sister had to go another 100 miles for 2 more hours down to Carlsbad. Made me feel very uneasy… ๐Ÿ™

Thank you Dear Wishing and Dear Wyhnna for taking us. We (503, 113, Matt & John) will NOT have a better chance of enjoying God’s wonders and creations without you there! God Bless You..

— 503/712

Yosemite Hike
750+ Miles, Arcadia to Yosemite and back!