Welcoming 2019 in our ‘Humble’ Way

by John John and Matt Matt, 1/2/19

Day 1, Dec-29, 2018

John John 12/2018

John– I woke up early at 5:00 am and I was excited to to eat breakfast at Le Roy’s. Uncle Wishing was driving because papa sat with Matthew and me behind. After we ate our scrumptious breakfast at Le Roy’s. We headed to Harris Ranch where we had a super scrumptious lunch. (503- it was a long 200 mile drive from home via I-5 towards Central California.)

After lunch, we then proceeded towards Sacramento. Arriving nighttime to take lots of pictures of the State Capitol, the Governors Mansion, and downtown Sacramento. We then headed to our hotel the Fairfield Inn; which is actually a hotel by Marriott. The hotel was near a Burger King. We then, ordered food at Burger King for To-Go. I ordered Chicken Fries, Matthew ordered a Whopper which Papa also ordered, and Mama ordered of course a salad bowl because mama likes to eat salad and gulay. But, Uncle Wishing didn’t order anything because he said he was stuffed because he was eating Blueberries while driving! 🙂

Day 2, Dec-30, 2018

John– By 7:30 in the morning, I had breakfast with Uncle Wishing at the Fairfield Free Continental Breakfast lounge. It was yummy mix of scrambled egg, cereals, bagels, pancake and apple juice. After Breakfast, we headed to San Francisco Chinatown where we parked in a Public Parking building. We then went to look at Statues, and one very interesting item, the FabergĂ© eggs . A lot of pictures were taken at the Chinatown Gate. While taking pictures, a Big Red Bus stopped a few feet right in front of us!

The Big Bus brought us to Pier 39 to take even more pictures. Along the pier, Papa saw a “Trump sock” and pictured it :). We went to stores after store, and we then went to see the Sea Lions along the shores and took pictures of them. Along the sea wall we see the Alcatraz Island. After walking around, we went to a ice cream place. After getting ice cream we went to Crab House and turned left to see Elton John‘s statue in the Pier 38 Visitors’ Center. At 11:53 AM I was shaking hands with the Santa Claus statue. At 12 PM We ate at Boudin along the Fisherman’s Wharf. At the wharf, Papa bought a CD from a local musician Glen Perry. We also passed by the Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

By 2:06 PM we were back in the Big Bus again, this time on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. Along the way, we passed by the beautiful city of San Francisco, the parks, the tall buildings downtown, and also the churches. We arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge by 4:19 PM. The weather was chilling cold, but that did not stop us from taking lots and lots of pictures. After that, Papa also took pictures of the San Francisco sunsets along the bridge. At 5:51 PM, we went back to Chinatown in San Francisco.  Passing the Chinatown gate, we took more pictures of sculptures and ivory chess pieces. Around 7 pm, my tummy started to remind me that it is dinner time, Uncle Wishing brought us to his favorite San Francisco Chinese restaurant – the Hunan Restaurant. Mama ordered XiaoLungPao, Snowpea sprouts, and Lo Mien, yummy, we had another scrumptious food. Thank God!

On the way back to the hotel, we chance upon another bridge. Right at the corner of the road were the small offices of Firefox and Google!

Back at the hotel, me and Matthew went straight to the Atari Game Switch. A few minutes later, Papa had Nissin Cup Noodles waiting for us!

Day 3, Dec-31, 2018

Matt Matt 12-2018

Matt– At the beginning of the day, we went to the Hotel lobby for our complementary breakfast. There was waffles, bagels, bread, fruit, bacon, and eggs. After breakfast, we took a picture in front of the hotel before we left. Papa said we have a lucky hotel, the address number being 555. Uncle Wishing drove us to the California Academy of Sciences. We bought tickets at a kiosk outside the exhibit. The first thing that we do was take a few pictures of a large Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. As we walked to the left and we saw a large open tank underground holding large amounts of aquatic life. There was a shop and an exhibit of large signs telling facts about the colors of life.

We all viewed most of them and once we passed those, we went into the African Hall where there was a large cage-like structure on the embedded on the wall holding quantities of African Penguins. Inside the Hall are displays of different animals that lived in Africa. The last animals that were in the hall were actually the first supposed humans that lived on the Earth that most likely originated in Africa.

After the hall walk, we went to the Planetarium to watch a short documentary about Coral reefs. (503 — we were delighted to learn that the narrator of the documentary was Lea Salonga.) Once the documentary was over, we headed over to the Albino Alligator which was 22 years old. I first thought it was dead because it didn’t move but after a while it moved its legs a little bit. The group then headed downstairs where there was rooms of aquariums housing many aquatic animals.

At least half an hour was spent at the aquariums. We headed back to the ground floor and went to the rain forest exhibit containing terrariums of different types of insects, arachnids, and reptiles. The exit was the top floor of it so we viewed the terrariums as we went up. Once at the top of the exhibit, it had a large room of butterflies. We left by entering an elevator to the aquarium.

Next we went up back onto the ground floor and headed towards the earthquake simulator. We waited in a short line for a few minutes. The first part of the presentation shows a video about the 2 major earthquakes that San Francisco endured — the 1906 San Francisco earthquake at a magnitude of 7.2 and the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake at a magnitude of 6.9. Once the video was over, we walked into a room the was made to look like a kitchen. The first simulation we went through was the earthquake of 1989. The second once simulated the 1906 earthquake which shook really hard. They weren’t dangerous simulations because everyone was holding on the railings attached to the floors and walls.

By around 4pm. we walked back to the car and left for our hotel in Seaside. We stopped at a Costco to get gas and for food. We went inside and ordered a chicken bake, pizza slice, and 4 hot dogs which came up to be the price of 12 dollars flat. Once we finished eating, we went into the long line for gas. the line was made poorly and shaped as a spiral.

On the way to the hotel, Papa told us that the hotel is Best Western, maybe he was trying to make it sound nice. Uncle Wishing was telling us about different types of Best Western — Premier, Plus, Elite, etc… (503, I was starting to feel uneasy, and started to think how much did we pay for the hotel? $70 $90? hmmmm… I was silently hoping it should at least be “feeling” clean, if it is not nice to the eyes.” We finally arrived at the Best Western, aka SureStay hotel after several turns, and turns and U-turns.

(503– It turned out, the hotel is NOT Best Western.  It is a “By” Best Western đŸ™ The exterior looks a bit “sloppy and grimy”, but once inside — it definitely feels a lot more cleaner than the looks from the outside. 113 complimented saying “as long as we have roof over our heads – oks na!”  it was a quite a relief. I was still feeling guitly not choosing a better branded hotel.”

Matt– When we got up, we ate Nissin cup noodles for breakfast because, according to Papa, the free complementary breakfast is “kingkoy.” Once finished, we packed our bags and headed out. I guess everybody were just too eager to checkout of the “By” Best Western Hotel. In a few minutes, we are on out way to the to 17 Mile Drive. At the Entrance, we paid $10.25 dollars to go in and received a map of it. I said “Why not make it $10 even? Why the quarter?” The first stop was at Spanish Bay where we took a few pictures.

Day 4, Jan-1, 2019

What we didn’t realize was that it was very cold due to the high winds. We put on 2 jackets and it was still cold. We took more pictures at the points Restless Sea, Point Joe, Bird Rock, and Cypress Point. At the point Bird Rock, there was a restroom for us to use. We then took pictures of the Island off the shore which had thousands of birds on it. Heading to the next stop, Cypress Point and then to the Ghost Tree. Uncle Wishing slowed down, but I guess since we didn’t see any trees that resembles ghosts, we didn’t stop there.

Our next stop was at the Lodge at Pebble Beach where there was a lot of golfing. Entering the lobby of the Lodge was a large hall that looked more like a large living room with large windows. In that room, the was a door the led to a large field. We contemplated about eating at the buffet which was 72 dollars for adults and 34 dollars for children. We decided not to eat there.

Exiting the 17-Mile-Drive we parked at the Cannery Row in Monterey to for lunch at the “Fish Hopper“. More pictures, and yet more pictures. We finally started going home around one pm. At 6:15 pm, we made a restroom stop at Taco Bell in Santa Clarita. Less than an hour later, we finally got home.

Thank you Uncle Wishing

I am very thankful that Uncle Wishing can go with us (drive with us) almost a thousand miles. Thank you Uncle Wishing. — Matt

Sacramento Capitol 2018

I have silently ‘wished’ that we can start 2019 brand new, fresh and jubilant. Yet, on New Year’s Eve, we missed out the New Years fireworks. We stayed in a low-end, bargain, cheap hotel in welcoming the New Year. All these I guess, was more than enough to remind me (remind us), that in everything, I humble myself and give thanks. We thank you Lord for our good health, our very good time spent with our dear brother-uncle Wishing J, and for a brand new year ahead. — 503 and 113

Points to Ponder

Being humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others — Gordon B Hinckley